MISD Board of Trustees

The Midland ISD Board of Trustees was named one of the best boards in the state when it was declared a Texas Honor Board.

Seven members of the Midland community are elected from single-member districts to serve on the Board of Trustees. Superintendent Rod Schroder, as the school district's chief executive officer, works closely with the Board and represents the Administration. He and the Board of Trustees form what we call the "team of eight." Mr. Schroder may be reached via e-mail: rod.schroder@midlandisd.net.

The Board of Trustees of the Midland Independent School District appreciates your interest in the policies and governance of the public education system in Midland, Texas. Public participation and open communication are vital to the educational environment of the more than 20,000 students served in MISD. It is the Board's hope that you find this information helpful in understanding how the meetings work and how you can participate.

If you're interested in viewing board policy, you can do so by viewing the official copy on our web site under "Board Policy," or, an official copy is available for viewing in the Superintendent's office at 615 W. Missouri Ave.

The elected officials who serve on the Board offer citizens a voice in the decision-making process. What citizens have to say is important because their input offers unique glimpses into Midland's diverse needs and interests. The Board members can better represent their constituents when you take the time to express opinions and raise questions. Thank you for your time and interest.

Midland ISD Board of Trustees Operating Procedures 
The Board Members are: 

Rick Davis, President
District 6 - Term Expires 2018
email: rickdavis@midlandisd.net
Karen Nicholson, Vice President
District 5 - Term Expires 2018
email: knicholson@midlandisd.net
James E. Fuller, Secretary
District 1 - Term Expires 2020
email: jfuller@midlandisd.net
Bryan Murry, Trustee
District 7 - Term Expires 2020
email: bryan.murry@midlandisd.net
Tommy Bishop, Trustee
District 3 - Term Expires 2018
email: tbishop@midlandisd.net
John Kennedy, Trustee
District 4 - Term Expires 2020
Robert Marquez
District 2 - Term Expires 2020
email: robert.marquez@midlandisd.net 
For more information about the MISD Board of Trustees, please call the MISD Office of the Superintendent at 240-1002. Official minutes of Board meetings are on file in the Business Office at the Administration Building.